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EL DESIGNO is an independent, dynamically developing company that implements the most complex projects in the shortest possible time.

We have been supplying the X5 Retail Group, Magnit, Tape, Okay, Auchan in the product lines - souvenirs, seasonal assortment, dishes, household.

The company directly cooperates with manufacturers of China, India, Europe, having the opportunity to receive the best prices and special conditions for cooperation.

Our partners
We work to achieve your goals
Large-scale advertising campaigns
Interaction with retail chains all over the world. Given the characteristics of culture, national subtleties and knowledge of the local market.

You get:
  • Implementation of a loyalty program
  • Development of a promotional concept
  • 200 million editions
  • In shortest time
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Largest Coverage and ROI
Become more visible and attractive against the general background in the distribution network. Unique development and design of the best materials for world brands

You get:
  • Strengthening the loyalty of your audience
  • Strengthening positions and brand promotion
  • Strengthening the reputation of a successful brand
  • x10 return on advertising investment
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Wow effect and sales growth
Eye-catching design packaging for the most memorable promotions of your brand.
Based on world best brand practices for your goals

You get:
  • Offline advertising
  • Achievement of project objectives many times faster
  • Emotional attachment of customers to the product
  • Digital support for the most ambitious projects
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Examples of work that we are proud of

Loyalty promotion by EL DESIGNO: we offer our ideas for development of loyalty programs.
We offer the development of turnkey loyalty programs of any complexity, at the federal level, with distribution in stores throughout the Russian Federation.

We take on all the functionality to create and implement loyalty programs from concept to packaging and the product itself.

From our side there is the possibility of adapting the design concept individually, according to customer requirements: both in design and in size, weight, material and functionality.
In 2019, Magnit retail chain launched and carried out the national loyalty promotion "Find the Anniversary "Skrepysh". The action was timed to the 25th anniversary of Magnit. This campaign was developed and carried out by EL DESIGNO.

"Skrepysh" is a tiny universal clip- toy for children. "Skrepysh" can be combined into intricate designs and / or used for bundles of charging, belt.

The main goal for the participants is to find the Jubilee Strepysh, giving the right to exchange his packaging for a prize.
Our features:
"360" approach
A full range of services from offering unique concept ideas to a detailed study of the scenario of loyalty programs.
Green production
We produce a finished product of European quality, including from environmentally friendly materials
Embodiment for 100%
We implement all the ideas in strict adherence to the requirements of the customer and the design layout of our design department.
24\7 monitoring and control
We carry out control and monitoring of the action at the federal level.
Media support
We provide media support for any loyalty campaign on all media: TV distribution on TV channels and movie production, press, DIGITAL, 360 degree 360 °, OUTDOOR.

Demand Market Research
We are ready to offer research services to increase consumer demand for goods, conduct a focus group and prepare an expert opinion on the results.
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Why choose us?
We are distinguished by:
Many years of market expertise
Successfully implemented projects both in Russia and abroad
The most advanced technology
We work only with modern technologies in the production and design development
Team of professionals
More than 7 years of personal experience with each member of our well-coordinated team
Customer Reviews
  • Julia Shkolts
    We were very pleased with the high level of professionalism: both in the execution of the order, and in personal communication. All details were agreed according to the plan, delivery and installation were made on time. I know that they can be trusted. And in business - this is the key to success!

  • Lera and Dmitry
    That moment when you are proud of the result. All my fears were dispelled from the first communication with the account manager. It is nice to find a reliable partner who shares your goals and values. I work only with them now!
Success of any brand means effective work with the audience.

And We Know Everything About It
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Our contacts
If you still have questions, please contact us at ORDER@ELDESIGNO.ART or leave your contact information. We will contact you by phone.
+971 50 245 4120
Academic Zone01-Business Center 5
RAKEZ Business Zone-FZ
RAK, United Arab Emirates
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